Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Need For Speed: Tutorial, Download

I have had a lot of free time lately, and have been spending most of it playing NFS. I have beat the game 3 different times and am currently working on my 4th. I thought I would help any of you guys out that play this game. Before I start, let me lay down a few things.

1) I am doing this to help out other people. Please do not come on here and say stuff like "WHETEVER NOOB!!! Thats not what you should do!!" I am putting down what has worked best for me. If you have a different opinion, I dont wanna hear about it.

2) These are just suggestions. If you have something else you do and it works, go ahead and stick with that.

3) If you have any questions, post here or feel free to comment.

Lets begin

Your Car Alright. When you first start the game, it doesnt matter which of the cars you pick.
I've used them all and came out successful. This car should last you for a few blacklist races. Now, I strongly suggest that you get a Mazda RX-7 as SOON as you can. This Mazda is an excellent car, and will last you up through blacklist rival #6, Ming. Putting a lot of money into your car for the visual affects isn't always needed. Yes, I agree, It looks totally awesome, but your money could be spent on better things. You never need more than 2 cars in your garage. Sell any extra ones you have. Myself, I only have one car because I play this game so much and never get caught by police.
The Mazda RX-7 like I said, will be good enough to beat Ming (#6), but after that, you need to move on. Your new possible cars to buy are the Dodge Viper and a Gallardo I believe. I reccomend the Viper, mainly because its faster. Yes the Gallardo has better handling, but the Viper's handling isn't horrible, and can be upgraded.
ALWAYS put every upgrade possible into the cars you get. The Viper should last you until the end of the game.
HOWEVER, after you beat Ming, If you can get the pink slip to his car, that is definitely the best.

Now comes the fun stuff. I love running from the cops in this game. It can be very rewarding, but can also be tragic if you don't know what you're doing. You need to stay out on the highways when you are in a chase. Dont think you can lose the cops in the city, because 95% of the time, you cant. Keep it in the open where you can really get your engine goin.

This is IMPORTANT. You should always be thinking about crashing the police cars and disabling them for 2 reasons.
1- It gets them off of you.
2 -You get more bounty. If they speed ahead of you, just fishtail them into a wall, and destroy their car. Pursuit breakers are for noobs. I hardly ever use them. If you absolutely need to, then go ahead, but crashing the cars is better. Try to use your Speed Breaker thingy ma whack. I forget what it's called. (The thing that slows down time) Always use this when you are approaching roadblocks. It makes it a lot easier to find a hole.

Racing is also a skill that needs to be perfected. The number one this you need to remember is .SAVE YOUR NOS . If you are already ahead, why burn a full tank of NOS and accomplish nothing? Save this precious tool in case you wreck, or fall behind. It becomes very handy in these situations. Burning your NOS on a straight away, then crashing and not having any to use to accelerate will tick you off like nothing else. The start up is crucial. While the screen is counting down for the race to start, don't just floor it. Yes, that helps some, but you can do better. On your speedometer, accelerate until the needle turns blue. When it does, hold it there until the race starts. It will say 'Perfect Launch' and you will smoke your opponents out of the gates. I'm out of time right now. I will finish this later when I get more time.

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